About HKIFF Industry:

The Hong Kong International Film Festival Society restructures its industry services and set up Hong Kong International Film Festival Industry Office (HKIFF Industry) in 2021.  From polishing up project with better appeal (HAF Film Lab), getting it off the ground and finding post-production assistance (Hong Kong – Asia Film Financing Forum (HAF)), to exposing the work in major international platforms (HAF Goes to Cannes), and on to planning the career of finished film (HKIFF Collection), HKIFF Industry offers independent filmmakers all-around services and windows to the world.

About HKIFF Collection:

To provide advice on festival strategies and collaboration opportunities on overseas distribution. The latest additions include Ishii Yuya’s All The Things We Never Said (Busan International Film Festival 2020) , Sakahara Atsushi’s Me and the Cult Leader (Shortlisted for IDA Documentary Award, 2020) , Qi Rui’s The Day is Over which won a WIP award at the Pingyao IFF 2019 and Firebird Award at the 45th Hong Kong International Film Festival and Tan Chui Mui’s Barbarian Invasion won Golden Goblet Awards at Shanghai IFF 2021 (the film is 2nd feature from the B2B Back to Basics Projects with Heaven Pictures).


General Enquiry:
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