August 18, 2020

HKIFF Collection Updates

The Malaysian New Wave reunites for Tan Chui Mui’s first feature in a decade with Tan both behind and in front of the camera. BARBARIAN INVASION will commence production this summer in Malaysia in observation of the country’s social distancing requirements.⁣

For BARBARIAN INVASION, Tan enlists a Who’s Who list of Malaysian independent cinema for crew and cast, including Director #WooMingJinas co-producer, actor/filmmaker #BrontPalarae, indie musician/ filmmaker #PeteTeo, and film and stage director #JamesLee as cast. #BiancaBalbuena from the Philippines and producer of Lav Diaz’s SEASON OF THE DEVIL, is also coming in as co-producer.⁣

BARBARIAN INVASION follows a washed-up female actor who is offered a comeback opportunity after a devastating divorce, only to find her ex-husband cast opposite her. Tan says, “it is a personal film and a journey to reclaim oneself. ‘When someone asks oneself who am I, who’s doing the asking anyway.’” said Tan Chui Mui.⁣

【B2B A Love Supreme】⁣
BARBARIAN INVASION is the second feature in the 6-title series “B2B A Love Supreme”, put together by Heaven Pictures Hong Kong and the HKIFFS. The other five participating filmmakers are Tsai Ming-Liang from Taiwan, Ishii Yuya from Japan (ALL THE THINGS WE NEVER SAID has completed), Zhang Lu and Yang Jin from China, and Hong Kong’s Philip Yung.