Setting out with her teenage lover at dawn for a trip to the town, school girl Janu is infuriated by an unknown driver, yet she is convinced by the boy to continue the journey. Passing through the hilly peripheral suburbs of kerala, they reach the heart of the city, where Janu is astounded and fascinated by its glamor. Resuming their journey back in the evening, things take a wild turn, unfolding intriguing incidents which lead to a tragic end.


Genre: Drama
Languages: Malayalam
Length: 116 min
Country: India
Production Year: 2019



Born in 1977 in Kerala, India. Started as a lawyer, Sanal Kumar Sasidharan formed a film society Kazhcha Film Forum in 2001 for making independent movies through crowd-funding. His debut feature, Oraalppokkam (Six Feet High, 2014), won the Kerala State Film Award for Best Director, while his sophomore, Ozhivudivasathe Kali (An Off-Day Game, 2015), was awarded Best Feature Film. His third film, Sexy Durga (2017) gains global attention and is the winner of the Hivos Tiger award at the International Film Festival of Rotterdam.


2014  Six Feet High (Oraalppokkam)
2015  An Off-Day Game (Ozhivudivasathe Kali)
2017  Sexy Durga
2018  Death of Insane (Unmadiyude Maranam)
2019  Shadow of Water (Chola)


Chola investigates the assumptions men and woman make of each other. The men in the film try to dominate the young woman , Janaki, either by offering ‘divine’ love or by conquering her physically and  psychologically through sexual aggression. Janaki herself struggles between her deeply ingrained beliefs of men as protectors and her instinctual distrust and fear of men. I hope these characters will give rise to a number of questions about gender dynamics in practice in modern India.


Director: Sanal Kumar Sasidharan
Presented by: Appu Pathu Pappu Productions