FEAST is the third in a series of 7 films presented by Heaven Pictures with the theme “Back to Basics: Love Supreme”. Celebrated Filipino director Brillante Mendoza as the new joiner of B2B (“Back to Basics”), has started shooting Feast last December and the film now is in post-production. It expects to release in this coming winter. The film stars Jaclyn Jose (“Ma’ Rosa”, Cannes Film Festival Best Actress) and Coco Martin (“Kinatay”), targets to finish by December 2022.​


A hit-and-run accident transpires two families. When her husband succumbs to death, Nita files a criminal case. Alfredo is sent to jail after pleading guilty in place of his son Rafael, but Rafael cannot be released from the burden of guilt.


Genre: Fiction
Language: Tagalog, Kapampangan
Length: 108 min
Country: The Philipinnes
Production Year: Winter in 2022

Co-Produced: The Hong Kong International Film Festival Society (Hong Kong)
Center Stage Productions (Philippines)
Presented by: Hong Kong Pictures Heaven Culture & Media Company Limited (Hong Kong)


Brillante Mendoza

was born in 1960 in San Fernando, The Philippines. An acclaimed director and producer, his films have competed and won in the three major international film festivals – Cannes, Venice and Berlin. He is the first Filipino to receive the Best Director award at Cannes for Kinatay in 2009, and the only Filipino to receive France’s “Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Arts et Lettres” in 2014. Other filmography: The Womb (12), Ma’ Rosa (16), Mindanao (19).

Director’s Statement

“Feast” is a foreshortened word from Hapag Kainan, meaning the dining table. In a place where people gather to dine, the common table becomes a critical symbol of unity. The dining table is where the family lays down their food – a symbol of one’s labor of love – to be offered and exchanged for gratitude, empathy, and ultimately to herald a celebration. On the other hand, when the family joins in the act of partaking in a meal together, ironically, secrets are also withheld from each other. To question a culturally important event amongst Filipinos is to also dissect the integrity of the family and of unity. An accident that eternally changes the lives of two families brings forth a shared suffering between them. It is by that suffering that two families intertwine, and the exchanging of repentance and acceptance is laid on the table. It is in this act that we see the bravest decision man can ever make – the ability to forgive. Despite any wrongdoings or secrecies, to transcend the desires of the flesh and to be able to forgive.