July 26, 2021

【HKIFF Collection News】 China’s FIRST International Film Festival kicked off with BARBARIAN INVASION yesterday 

FIRST International Film Festival: Held annually from 26 July to 3 Aug in Xining, China. FIRST prides itself on being a platform for new and groundbreaking Chinese filmmakers.
The story is about Moon Lee who is a celebrated award-winning actress and has become a full-time mom and divorcée since retiring. Desperate to regain her sense of self, she jumps at the chance to work with her long-time collaborator, director Roger Woo, again. Only this time, he casts her as the lead in a do-your-own stunts martial arts film.
The role requires extensive training and though Moon is at first uncertain, she leaves her young son in the care of Roger’s assistant and commits herself to back-breaking training. As soon as she starts to gain some confidence, Roger breaks the news to her: the only way the film can move ahead is to cast her ex-husband, Julliard, as the male lead.