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Following her award-winning documentary, One Tree Three Lives on the novelist Hualing Nieh Engle, Hong Kong director Angie Chen offers another lively portrait about the artist Yank Wong. A complex man who resists definition, Wong is a painter, art director, set designer, writer, musician, and photographer, a true renaissance man who expresses his creativity in multiple forms. More than a portrait of an artist and the creative life, the film is also a high-octane cat- and – mouse game between filmmaker and subject: one tries to capture, the other evades.

Genre: Documentary
Languages: English, Cantonese,
Length: 90 min
Country: Hong Kong
Production Year: 2017


Sold to: 

SMART Cinema   (US)
True Story             (US)



2017     Busan International Film Festival
2017     Vancouver International Film Festival
2017     BEST DOCUMENTARY AWARDS – Festival Film Dokumenter (FFD)
2018    Audi Dublin International Film Festival
2018    Hong Kong International Film Festival
2018    Singapore Chinese Film Festival
2018    Taipei Film Festival
2018    The Hong Kong Film Directors’ Guild Executive Committee Special Award
2018    Film Merit Award from the Hong Kong Film Critics Society 2018



Angie CHEN, born in Shanghai, received her BA and MA from the University of Iowa, MFA from UCLA and has been making films since 1979. Now residing in Hong Kong, she works as a director/producer, and teaches part-time in the Film Academy’s MFA Programme at the Baptist University. She also served as a committee board member of the Hong Kong Film Director’s Guild. Her two recent documentaries, This Darling Life (2008) was nominated the Best Documentary at the Taiwan Golden Horse Awards, and One Tree Three Lives (2012) garnered the Film Merit Award at the Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards.


2012 One Tree Three Lives
2008 This Darling Life
1988 Chaos By Design
1985 My Name Ain’t Suzie
1983 Maybe It‘s Love

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I relish telling moving stories through documentaries.Wong Yan-kwai says, “I’m a born painter, so I paint.” He’s curious about everything, passionate about creativity, the arts, and people. Through him, we will engage on a journey of discovery. It might be a film about love, about persistence, about betrayal, about obstinacy, about ego.

I have sought to bring the vibrant underground art scene to the forefront, to introduce “Yank” and his friends, to make this film not only about Yank, but also about Hong Kong and its people. Wim Wenders brought Cuban music to the world in the Buena Vista Social Club, so let’s bring Hong Kong’s artists to the world.