May 8, 2021

HKIFF Collection releases Me and the Cult Leader on May 26 @goldenscenecinema  

Badly injured during the 1995 Tokyo metro sarin gas terrorist attack by the doomsday cult Aum, director Atsushi Sakahara embarks on an intimate and exacting journey with the cult’s executive Hiroshi Araki to record the parallel life paths of the victim and perpetrator. Tickets go on sale May 8.


More than two decades after the Tokyo subway sarin attack by the doomsday cult Aum, director-cum-victim Sakahara Atsushi embarks on an intimate and profound journey with Araki Hiroshi, the cult’s PR director, to unveil the truth behind the tragedy that leaves an everlasting wound in his life. From a visit to the current day cult headquarters to their hometown, Sakahara brings out a man whose psyche is broken by a vain belief in redemption, and exposes how this cult manipulates its members through mind control.



World Premiere at Sheffield Doc Fest  (UK)
IDFA (Netherlands)
IDA Documentary Awards Shortlisted
San Diego Asian Film Festival (USA)
CPH: DOX (Denmark)
HKIFF45 — bestselling film online!

26 May (Wednesday) 7:30pm

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