Sept 8, 2022

【HKIFF Collection News】 【B2B A Love Supreme】Mendoza’s FEAST will have its WORLD PRIMIERE at Busan!

Busan announces the program line-up today,  Mendoza’s new film “Feast” is selected to Icons Section and will have its world premiere.”Feast” , a story of forgiveness and redemption and is the third feature in the 7-title series “B2B A Love Supreme” under the collaboration of Heaven Pictures and HKIFFS. Starring Jaclyn Jose (“Ma’ Rosa”, Cannes Film Festival Best Actress) and Coco Martin (“Kinatay”).

​​【B2B A Love Supreme】​

Feast is the latest production of the series of “B2B A Love Supreme”, put together by Heaven Pictures and the HKIFFS. “B2B” stands for “Back to Basics” – each filmmaker will be assigned a budget of RMB 1 million (US$145,000) and challenged to demonstrate how they can produce a high-quality film inexpensively. ​

​Participating filmmakers include Ishii Yuya from Japan (ALL THE THINGS WE NEVER SAID), Tan Chui Mui from Malaysia (BARBARIAN INVASION), Liu Miumiu from China (The Flower’s Time) , Zhang Lu and Yang Jin from China, and Hong Kong’s Philip Yung.


Director Brilante Mendoza