Old Love


A cigarette outside the Incheon Airport rekindles the affection of two lovers: a woman returning from Canada, and a man sending his daughter to study aboard. Feeling a romantic thrill, the pair meet again and gently retrace the memories they shared in the past. What they feel instead is a deep-rooted tiredness with life, stressed out by business failure, caring for ageing parents, divorce, separation by death… Slowly tracing the passing of time, Park Ki-yong muses over the path that life has taken, mourning the loss of love and dream by life’s meandering vacillations.

Genre: Drama
Language: Korean
Length: 89min
Country: Korea/Japan
Production Year: 2017
Cast: Yoo Jung-ah, Kim Tae-hoon, Kim Moon-hee


Busan International Film Festival (2017)
Berlinale Forum (2017)



PARK Kiyong, born in 1961 in South Korea, started his film career after graduating from the Korean Academy of Film Arts (KAFA) in 1987. He served as a producer for Park Kwang-su’s To the Starry Island (93) and Tony Rayns’ documentary Jang Sun-woo Variations (00). His films as a writer and director, Motel Cactus (97) and Camels(s) (01), have won numerous awards.

While leading KAFA from 2001 to 2009, he started the “feature film & animation production program” which helped turn the institution into a world class film school. He has also initiated the Asian Film Academy (AFA), and co-founded the Cinema Digital Seoul (CinDi) Film Festival.


2011 Moving (11, docu)
2013 Garibong (13, docu)
2014 Fifties (14, docu)
2015 Yanji (15, docu)
2016 Hell (16)
2017 Old Love (17)

Director’s statement

After making the film, I actually, by coincidence in real life, met my old love after almost 30 years.

It was a strange experience. Her figure had changed substantially. She had become a normal elderly person, same as myself, but she acted in her familiar youthful manner making me also behave the same as in the days when I was dating her. The scenery was nothing like a scene in a romantic movie. We immediately started quarrelling and criticising each other, and I realised that after all these years, I was chasing an illusion–a fantasy I had created in my mind.

I regretted having met her. Why did I answer to her meeting request in the first place? I should have kept her in my fantasy world instead of bringing her back into my real world. But what can I do, when life is just a constant repeat of disappointments and regrets.