June 20, 2019

Sasidharan’s Chola to compete in Venice Film Festival


30 July 2019 (Hong Kong) – Independent Indian director Sanal Kumar SASIDHARAN’s latest film, Chola, will compete at the 76th Venice Film Festival.

The film, also known as Shadow of Water and represented internationally by the Hong Kong International Film Festival’s bespoke HKIFF Collection label, is selected as part of the Orizzonti programme.

SASIDHARAN first gained international recognition in 2017 with Sexy Durga which was the first Indian film to win the prestigious Hivos Tiger Award at the Rotterdam International Film Festival.

In Chola, SASIDHARAN continues his magic realistic portrait of gender dynamics in modern India, through the vexing story of a young woman’s visit to the city with her paramour – a nightmarish trip that turns into a struggle between her ingrained beliefs of men as protectors and her instinctual fear of men as predators.  The film also confronts the social problems and the very culture that hold women to incompatible roles.

With the support of the Hong Kong International Film Festival Society’s Film Industry Services office, films by a number of talented Asian filmmakers have been showcased in various international festivals, including I’ve got the blues (2017), in Vancouver International Film Festival; Looking for Lucky (2017), in New York Asian Film Festival; and POSESIF (2017), in Osaka Asian Film Festival.