She is a 20-year-old girl with three faces. By her real name Lynn, she is a college student, unexpectedly pregnant. Under the pseudonym “Rainy”, she works as a part-time promoter to help her mother, who has to compensate her patient for a medical malpractice. To clear her debt, she offers to give birth under the identity of “Silvia”,  giving out her baby in lieu of money compensation. As she is about to labour during the coronavirus pandemic, her boyfriend suddenly shows up, and the debtor hesitates to receive the newborn…


Genre: Fiction
Language: Mandarin, Hunanese
Length: 148 min
Country: Japan
Production Year: 2022
* Shortlisted to HAF 2018
* Shortlisted to HAF’s “Work-in-Progress” 2021, received “Work-in-Progress” Awards and “HAF Goes to Cannes 2021”

Director & Producer 

Huang Ji

Born in Hunan in 1984, and studied screenwriting in the Beijing Film Academy. Since her first short film, The Warmth of Orange Peel (2009), she has been focusing on exploring the secrets of women’s inner emotions. Egg And Stone (2012), her debut feature, won the Tiger Award of the International Film Festival Rotterdam, while her sophomore film, The Foolish Bird (2017), was awarded the Special Mention of the Generation 14+ International Jury at Berlinale. She is also the founder and tutor of Around You Film Workshop, which engages in educating the new generation.

Director, Producer & DOP 

Otsuka Ryuji

Born in Tokyo, Japan in 1972. He relocated to China in 2015 to work in independent filmmaking, and has since been serving as the cinematographer and producer for all the films directed by Huang Ji. In 2013, he made his first documentary, Beijing Ants, as a solo director. His co-directed The Foolish Bird (2017) won him the Best Artistic Originality Award (DoP) in FIRST International Film Festival. His recent cinematography work include A Family Tour (2018) and Damp Season (2020).

Cast :  YAO Hongggui


When our daughter was five years old, she often asked us a question: “Mommy and Daddy, why did you give birth to me?” This question reminded me (Huang Ji) of my own mother and my childhood. My mother was an obstetrician and often took me to the operation room to see child deliveries or abortions. Ever since China’s “One Child Policy” was changed to “Two-Children Policy”, Chinese women now have more choice regarding motherhood. However, the number of abortions have not declined. Why haven’t women decided to keep their babies? Have they become more numb to pregnancy than before? We wrote the story about a young woman’s pregnancy and spent ten months filming. We wanted to explore this numbness while making the film. At the same time, we were also slowly conceiving my daughter’s future. “Mommy and Daddy, why did you give birth to me?” She will find the answer to her question in Stonewalling. (Huang Ji and Ryuji Otsuka)