July 29, 2022

【HKIFF Collection News】STONEWALLING, Collection’s new acquired title, is selected in the competition section of Venice Days


Congratulations to HKIFF Collection title, HAF19’s Work-in-Progress (WIP) project “Stonewalling” (directed by Husband-and-wife team HUANG Ji and OTSUKA Ryuji) is selected in the competition section in Venice Days, the one and only Chinese-language film this year. Director HUANG Ji’s works focus on women’s sexual issues, “Stonewalling” is the final of her “Trilogy of Female”, following “Egg and Stone” (2012) and “The Foolish Bird” (2017). ​

She is a 20-year-old girl with three faces – an unambitious university student, a diligent part-time promoter, and a dutiful daughter who offers her baby as the compensation for her mother.



Huang Ji, director and producer










Ryuji Otuska, director, producer and DOP