July 10, 2018

I’ve Got the Blues is a real triumph of a documentary [Review] – SCMP

Featuring the brilliant artist Yank Wong Yan-kwai, local documentary I ’ve Got the Blues is a rare gem that reveals the complexities of humanity, while inviting audiences to question the very nature of documentary.

This latest offering from Hong Kong director Angie Chen follows the life of Wong, the multi-talented painter, musician, and poet, to name a few of his trades. The film delves into Wong artistic process, but also captures moments from
his everyday life, including conversations with his friends and family, and Chen herself.

Throughout the film, Wong resists allowing himself to be defined by the camera: he challenges Chen’s motives for making the documentary, refuses to answer certain questions she poses, and is conscious of the way Chen sets up the camera to get the footage she wants.

By breaking the fourth wall and acknowledging its existence, Wong makes himself an extremely interesting documentary subject. His responses when he does offer them are deeply thought-provoking, while his self-deprecating humour provides further insight into his artwork.

Chen’s beautiful film captures the contradictions of human beings and the struggles of artists through her lens, while pushing the boundaries of what a documentary can be. This is truly unmissable.


Source: SCMP